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What is the DraftKings Virginia promo?

The DraftKings Virginia welcome promo is Bet $5 Get $150 in Bonus Bets. Example: Make a deposit of $5 or more and place a wager of $5 or more, and instantly receive $150 in bonus bets in addition to any real cash winnings from your original wager. The bonus will be paid as six (6) increments of $25 bonus bets, which will be valid for seven (7) days from when they hit your account.

DraftKings VA bonus

Sign-up bonus: Bet $5 Get $150 in Bonus Bets
Promo code: No code required
Minimum deposit: $5
Last updated: April 2024

Sportsbook overview

Sportsbook: DraftKings
Legal in Virginia: Yes
Partner in Virginia: N/A
Payment methods:

With legislation passed the year earlier (2020), sports betting officially launched in Virginia in January 2021. One of the first companies to enter the new market was DraftKings Sportsbook Virginia, which went live on January 24, 2021. 

As the 12th state that DraftKings Sportsbook went live in, and one of the first in Virginia, bettors in the Old Dominion state were eager to sign up out of the gates. As one of the best bookmakers amongst more than a dozen available today, there’s a lot to love when it comes to DraftKings Sportsbook Virginia.

Let’s take a deeper look at what to expect.

How to register and get the promo at DraftKings sportsbook in Virginia

Screenshot of DraftKings Virginia homepage
As one of the best sportsbooks in Virginia with one of the biggest footprints, registering and getting the promo at DraftKings Sportsbook in Virginia is a breeze. Here are the few simple steps required to get started.

  1. Get Bonus: Using the “Get Bonus” button at the top of this page, follow the link to automatically be redirected to DraftKings Virginia. The welcome offer you choose will automatically be applied to your account upon clicking it and being sent to the signup screen.
  2. Enter login credentials: With your welcome bonus now applied, DraftKings Virginia will ask for your desired login credentials including username, email, and password.
  3. Enter personal information: With your login credentials set, the time has come to enter your personal legal information including first and last name, birth date, home address, phone number, and the last four digits of your social security number.
  4. Agree to terms: Now that you have entered all your information and DK has verified it, you must agree to any terms and conditions and privacy policies DraftKings Virginia has put in place. Check all the boxes and hit submit for your account to officially be registered.
  5. Deposit money: Using one of the dozens of payment options available for deposit, choose the one that works best for you and deposit at least $10. If you plan to use the welcome offer, make sure you are aware of any terms and conditions required to be eligible for it.

As one of the undisputed leaders in the sports betting industry in this country, DraftKings Sportsbook offers a constant rotation of promos to keep its customers engaged (and acquire new ones). Now that we have already covered their welcome offer, let’s look at other Virginia sports betting promos on DraftKings Sportsbook VA.

  • Deposit Match: Ranging anywhere from 20% to 100% of your deposited amount, depending on the terms and conditions, DraftKings Virginia will match your deposit in the form of bonus bets. As an example, if you (as a new customer) deposited $1,000 and the DraftKings Virginia promo was a 20% deposit match, you would receive $200 in bonus bets.
  • No Sweat Same Game Parlay (SGP): For these promos, you must opt-in prior to placing your SGP. With SGPs, you are placing multiple wagers within the same game, whether they be straight bets, team prop bets, or player prop bets. With this promo, you will receive the amount risked (up to $5) back to your account in the form of bonus bets if it is a loser.
  • Profit Boosts: Profit Boosts are often focused around specific primetime games such as Monday Night Football (MNF) or Thursday Night Football (TNF), or select days such as an NBA Saturday. With this type of promo, DraftKings Virginia will increase your potential earnings by up to 25%. Max betting limits apply, including a minimum odds requirement.

Yes, DraftKings Sportsbook is legal in Virginia and is monitored and regulated by the Virginia Lottery, which oversees all forms of online sports betting in the state. The Virginia Lottery additionally oversees the online gaming licensing, auditing process, and compliance for each of the gambling operators in the state.

While there are now 16 online bookmakers launched in Virginia, there are just two retail casinos and sportsbooks in the state, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Bristol in Bristol, VA and Portsmouth: The Rivers Casino in Portsmouth, VA. Despite much speculation, no official go-live announcements have been made to bring more retail gambling to the Commonwealth of Virginia.

What sports are available to bet on at DraftKings?

Screenshot of DraftKings Virginia Sport section

With amongst the biggest footprints throughout the United States in terms of online sports betting, DraftKings offers no shortage of sports to bet on. From the major leagues such as the NFL and NBA to niche markets such as MMA or Motor Sports, DraftKings has bettors of almost every sport covered.

Let’s take a look at a few of the popular sports available to bet on at DraftKings.

  • National Basketball Association (NBA): Starting in the Summer League and going through the NBA Finals, the NBA is covered at length at DraftKings Virginia. There are even NBA-focused promos offered nearly every week, from SGPs to Profit Boosts.
  • National Hockey League (NHL): As one of the most popular teams in the Northern Virginia area, where their practice facility resides, the Washington Capitals are a bettor favorite at DraftKings Sportsbook Virginia.
  • Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC): Exploding in popularity in recent years thanks to their lucrative TV deal with ESPN, DraftKings Sportsbook has leaned into their UFC betting offerings. Offering everything from moneyline bets to a plethora of prop bets, the UFC has become a mainstay in sports betting over the past few years.

Deposit and withdrawal methods on DraftKings Sportsbook in VA

With more than a dozen ways to both deposit and withdraw funds from DraftKings Sportsbook in VA, there is something for everyone in terms of executing financial transactions. Let’s dive into a few of the most popular deposit and withdrawal methods on DraftKings Sportsbook in VA.

  • Venmo: A personal favorite, Venmo is amongst the easiest ways to transact funds on and off of DraftKings Sportsbook in VA. With no fees and instant processing time, Venmo is a great option to get money both into and out of your DraftKings VA account.
  • Online Banking: One of the quickest ways to fund your DraftKings Sportsbook in VA account is to set up your account directly to your online bank account. With seamless integration, you can log in directly to your bank account from within your DraftKings account.
  • Credit/Debit Cards: DraftKings VA also accepts credit and debit cards to deposit and withdraw funds with your account. There is a minimum of just $5 to deposit, and transactions happen instantly.

DraftKings Sportsbook retail locations in VA

DraftKings Sportsbook does not have a retail location in VA and has no plans to open one at this time to our knowledge. There are only two land-based retail Virginia sportsbooks, the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Bristol which opened in July 2022 in Bristol, VA, and the Rivers Casino, which opened in January 2023.

DraftKings mobile app in Virginia

Starting with their Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) product long before sports betting became legal in the United States, DraftKings has provided a terrific mobile experience now for more than a decade. As such, when the online betting part of the business launched in 2020, DraftKings was in a great place to create one of the best mobile sports betting apps in Virginia.

How to download the DraftKings app on iOS

Let’s take a quick look at the DraftKings mobile app in Virginia, and how to download it both on iOS and Android devices.

If you are one of the thousands of iPhone users in the Old Dominion State, downloading the DraftKings sports betting app on iOS is simple. Here is what to expect in the process:

  1. Find the app: Load the Apple App Store on your iOS device and search for “DraftKings Sportsbook”
  2. Download app: Now that you’ve found the app, click on “Install”, enter your login credentials, and the download will start right away.
  3. Register for an account: If you don’t have an account, make sure to start with the “Get Bonus” button above to claim the latest welcome offer.

How to download the DraftKings app on Android

Android owners in VA also only have a few steps if they want to download the DraftKings Sportsbook app. Here is what to expect in the process:

  1. Find the app: Pull up the Google Play Store on your Android and search for “DraftKings Sportsbook”
  2. Download the app: With the app pulled up, click “Install” and enter your Google login credentials as required.
  3. Register for an account: If you don’t have an account, make sure to start with the “Get Bonus” button above to claim the latest welcome offer.

Fantasy Sports on DraftKings Virginia

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) and Fantasy Sports are not just legal in Virginia, but the Commonwealth was actually the first state in the country to formally legalize DFS in 2016. Signed into law by then-governor Terry McAuliffe, DraftKings Virginia was one of the first major DFS players to market in the state, signing SB 646 and HB 775 which in turn created the Fantasy Contests Act.

Under the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, the Office of Charitable and Regulatory Programs (OCRP) regulates fantasy sports in the state. It’s worth noting that, unlike sports betting in the state, customers only need to be 18 years of age or older to participate in fantasy sports on DraftKings Virginia.

Is betting on college sports allowed on DraftKings Sportsbook in VA?

Yes, you can bet on college sports on DraftKings Sportsbook in VA. You cannot, however, bet on college programs in college basketball or football that are located in the state of Virginia. When sports betting legislation passed in VA in 2020, there was a clause prohibiting in-state programs from being listed at online sportsbooks that operate in the state.

Pros and cons of DraftKings online sportsbook in VA

As a leader in the sports betting industry in the U.S., DraftKings online sportsbook gives its customers many advantages over the competition. There are also some minor drawbacks, however, as we take a closer look at a few pros and cons of DraftKings online sportsbook in VA.


  • National presence: Now operating in nearly 20 states throughout the country, DraftKings online sportsbook doesn’t restrict you to just VA. If you are traveling in another state that DraftKings operates in, such as nearby Maryland or Pennsylvania, you can still use your DraftKings mobile betting app as if you were home in Virginia.
  • Mobile betting app: Capitalizing on years of success with their mobile DFS app, the DraftKings sportsbook app is best-in-class within the industry. Not only does it have an intuitive-to-use interface and easy-to-navigate menus, but the loading times are lightning fast.
  • Welcome promo offer: Any promotional offer that gives you $100 or more in bonus bets with little to no amount risked is a good one, and DraftKings VA’s welcome offer checks both of those boxes. Make sure to click the “Get Bonus” link at the top of this page to get the latest and greatest DraftKings Sportsbook Virginia welcome offer.


  • No live streaming: Unlike some of their competitors in the space, DraftKings Virginia does not offer live streaming of major sporting events. If you don’t have cable or streaming services such as YouTube TV, this can be a downside.
  • Recurring promos: While they knock it out of the park with their welcome offers, DraftKings Sportsbook VA is limited in the volume (and quality) of their recurring bonuses. This is certainly one area they slightly trail some competitors in Virginia.
  • No phone support: Despite offering 24/7 live chat and an email address, DraftKings Virginia doesn’t have a support phone number you can just pick up and call. They do have a callback feature, but there’s no quick way to call someone.

Our expert opinion on DraftKings Sportsbook Virginia

Anyone who has turned on sporting events over the past few years has likely seen the plethora of DraftKings Sportsbook commercials and advertisements. After a deep review of their services, we are here to say that DraftKings Sportsbook Virginia lives up to the hype.

From their sleek user interface that is as easy to navigate as it gets, to their best-in-class mobile betting app, the overall DraftKings sports betting experience is hard to beat in the industry. In terms of offerings, everything from the major U.S. sports leagues to niche leagues such as Aussie Rules Football is covered, offering a betting market for nearly every sports fan in the country.

Getting into the details, DraftKings Virginia also has more than two dozen payment options available for deposit and withdrawal, all backed by the state’s Virginia Lottery which regulates the industry. Customer service is also at the top of industry as well, offering 24/7 live chat in addition to a robust FAQ that answers most basic questions a customer might have.

Last but not least, DraftKings Sportsbook Virginia offers one of the best welcome promotions in the industry, giving new customers more than $100 in bonus bets for risking just $5 or more.

Our rating of DraftKings Sportsbook Virginia


Welcome bonus
Payment options
Sportsbook app
Variety & features
Customer support

VA Betting has given DraftKings Sportsbook Virginia an overall rating of 5 out of 5. This score has been based on these factors:

  • Welcome bonus: Rating 5/5. Any welcome bonus that gives customers $150 in bonus bets for making a small $5 wager, is amongst the best in the industry; and DraftKings Sportsbook Virginia offers just that.
  • Payment options: Rating 5/5. There is something for everyone when it comes to payment options at DraftKings VA, as everything from Venmo to Physical Checks are available for their customers.
  • Sportsbook app: Rating 5/5. This is an area in which DraftKings truly excels, as the sportsbook app is truly one of the best in the entire industry. Offering lighting fast load times and an intuitive user interface, the mobile betting offerings from DK are second to none.
  • Variety and features: Rating 5/5. This is another area that DraftKings knocks out of the park, as niche markets such as Cricket and Ping Pong are offered in addition to the major sporting leagues.
  • Customer support: Rating 4/5. While they do offer 24/7 live chat, a robust FAQ page, and email support, DK does fall short here slightly by not offering phone support. Though they do offer callbacks, not being able to immediately dial someone is somewhat of an issue.


What age can I legally play on DraftKings in Virginia?

You can legally play on DraftKings in Virginia at 21 years of age or older.

Is DraftKings Sportsbook the best for bonuses in VA?

Yes, DraftKings Sportsbook is amongst the best bookmakers in VA for bonuses, both for new and existing customers.

Where do I find the latest DraftKings Sportsbook promotions in VA?

You can find the latest DraftKings Sportsbook promotions in VA right here at VABetting.com. You can also find them under the ‘Promotions’ tab on the DraftKings VA main landing page.