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Sign-up bonus: Up to $1000 Risk-Free Bet
Promo code: No code needed
Minimum deposit: $10
Last updated: December 2023

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Sportsbook: BetMGM
Legal in VA: Yes
Retail location: None
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In the US, many states are legalizing sports betting. As a result, states are introducing several sportsbooks to allow bettors to wager on their favorite sports using the best accounts. One licensed and reputable sportsbook is BetMGM sportsbooks, Virginia. Also, the BetMGM sportsbook has several features and benefits that make it a favorite option among punters in Virginia.

Read on for a comprehensive review of the BetMGM sportsbook in Virginia. You will also learn how to join the betting site, the types of available bets, the BetMGM app, and the payment methods for wagering.

Yes, BetMGM is legalized and active in Virginia. Legalization occurred on January 2021 after the state passed a bill to allow operators to run sports betting. Also, the Virginia state lottery oversees and regulates the sports betting industry, including licensing BetMGM sportsbook and other operators to offer legal sports betting services.

Following the legalization of sports betting in Virginia, BetMGM Sportsbook provides players with a safe and secure platform to participate in legal sports betting. Also, BetMGM Sportsbook is available to customers in Virginia through the BetMGM mobile app. The apps available in iOS and Android offers several sports betting options, including pre-match betting, live betting, and in-play betting.

In addition, BetMGM Sportsbook is committed to providing a secure betting experience for punters in Virginia. After all, the Virginia state lottery follows all applicable laws and regulations to regulate gambling activities and responsible gambling.

How do I join BetMGM Sportsbook in VA?

It’s easy to join the BetMGM sportsbook in Virginia, with only a few personal details required during registration. Below are the essential steps to sign up for a BetMGM sportsbook account and wager within minutes.

  1. Visit the BetMGM Virginia website or download their app - First, go to the official BetMGM sportsbook website in Virginia to get details on how to download their app. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices.
  2.  Register an account with your personal information - Enter personal info, such as your name, email, phone number, and age. Verify your details using a link sent to your registered email.
  3.  Ensure you claim the latest bonus available - Next, log into your account and check the latest available Virginia betting bonus to claim it.
  4.  Deposit money with your chosen payment method - Go to the deposit section and choose a payment method from the list to fund your betting sportsbook account. Also, enter your desired deposit and confirm the transaction. Your account will receive the updated deposits immediately for wagering.
  5.  Start betting - You can now wager on your favorite sports.

Types of bets on BetMGM Sportsbook

BetMGM Sportsbook provides various betting options to allow players to benefit and enjoy the best Virginia online gambling experience. Whether you are a casual bettor or an experienced sports bettor, BetMGM Sportsbook has a betting opportunity for everyone. Below are the popular bets you can find on BetMGM Sportsbook.

  • Moneyline - These are the most basic and simplest form of betting. A moneyline bet predicts which team will win the game. Also, moneylines don’t require you to decide by how many points a team will win, but the team that wins the game.
  • Total lines - Also known as over/under wager, total lines allow bettors to wager on the combined points or goals scored by both teams during a game. In addition, with these bets, players can wager on the game without picking the winning team.
  • Same game parlays - This sports betting option combines two or more individual wagers into a single bet. Also, bettors must wager on the same game, which means they must select the same sporting event, and all the individual wagers must be related to the game.
  • Round robins - These bets are unique since they allow players to bet on simultaneous parlays at the same event.

BetMGM’s betting app in VA

Virginia has several sports betting apps that provide incredible benefits and features for bettors. Also, betting apps in Virginia have significant features that allow players to enjoy the best gambling experience. One particular app boasting superb features and importance to punters is the BetMGM app.

Features that make the BetMGM app useful include its user-friendly and easy-to-use platform. As a result, BetMGM has an intuitive user interface design, making it easy for players to navigate. Also, its functionalities allow players to follow and track their bets, customize their display, and view real-time scores, odds, and lines. In addition, BetMGM offers 24/7 customer support, secure payment processing, exclusive promotions, and live in-game betting, making it a fantastic app for sports betting.

How to download the BetMGM app on iOS

BetMGM has an easy-to-use mobile app for iOS users that allows them to download and install it from anywhere, provided they have an internet connection. Below are the easy-to-follow steps.

  1. Open the App Store on your smartphone - In the search bar, type “BetMGM sportsbook” and press enter.
  2. Next, click “Get” to begin the download process - Once the download is complete, click on “Open” to launch the BetMGM app.
  3. Create an account or sign in to an existing one to use the app.

How to download the BetMGM app on Android

It’s also easy to download the BetMGM app on an Android device in Virginia. The steps required are straightforward. Below are the essential steps.

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  2. In the search bar, type “BetMGM" - select the corresponding result for the BetMGM app.
  3. Next, tap the “Install” button to begin the download - After the download completes, select the “Open” button to launch the app.
  4. Enter your login details or create a new profile - Access the BetMGM app on your Android device.

BetMGM VA payment methods

Several banking options are available on BetMGM sportsbook Virginia to allow players to choose a convenient payment method for sports betting. Also, bettors can choose a favorite payment option that supports depositing and cashing out their wins. Below are popular payment options available in the BetMGM app.


  • MasterCard - This option is fast and provides top-notch security for secure transactions. Also, deposit transactions are usually instant without fees.
  • VIP Preferred - Another secure and safe payment method in BetMGM sportsbook Virginia is the VIP preferred option. Also, this method provides players with a convenient means to fund their sportsbook accounts.
  • Visa - If you want to use one of the most reputable and reliable methods on your BetMGM sportsbook, Visa is an excellent option. One of its favorable features includes Visa advanced security measures like Verified by Visa that ensure your funds are safe from identity theft.


  • PayPal - One of the best platforms to cash out your betting wins without sharing your credit card or banking details with the BetMGM sportsbook Virginia is PayPal. As a result, players can gamble with confidence while remaining anonymous.
  • Play+ - This payment method is one of the best options for withdrawing instant funds. So, it’s convenient and efficient to cash out quick bet winnings. Play+ is also safe and easy to use.
  • Online banking - This method allows you to transfer funds directly from your sportsbook to your bank account. Its drawback is funds don’t reflect on your bank account after withdrawing.

Sportsbooks in Virginia offer many attractive bonuses to help you kick-start your betting experience. So, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned sportsbook player, BetMGM sportsbooks can help you maximize your winnings. Below are popular bonuses offered on BetMGM sportsbooks in Virginia.

  • Boosted odds - One of the best ways to increase the payout on a specific selection or outcome is using boosted odds. BetMGM sportsbook Virginia offers these bonuses to entice new and existing customers to wager on their platforms. Also, betting odds are adjusted for a specific selection or outcome to give the bettor a greater chance of winning more money.
  • Risk-free bets - A risk-free bet allows bettors to wager on a particular event without risking their own money. In addition, BetMGM sportsbooks in Virginia offer these bets to new players as an incentive to join a sportsbook. Also, these bonuses typically cover the player’s initial bet up to a certain amount.
  • Free bets - BetMGM sportsbooks in Virginia usually give these bonuses as a reward for signing up or depositing money on the website. Also, they refer to free bonuses offered to new and existing customers to encourage them to bet on their favorite sports using their sportsbooks. Moreover, sportsbooks offer free bets as a fixed amount and allow you to wager on a chosen sports event without using your money.
  • Parlay profit boosts - These bonuses are becoming increasingly popular in BetMGM sportsbooks. Also, parlay profit boosts are enhanced payouts available for specific parlay bets. A parlay is a bet that combines multiple individual wagers into one bet. To qualify for a parlay profit boost, bettors must place a parlay bet that includes at least two selections. Also, each selection within the parlay must have specific minimum odds to qualify for the profit boost. When all parlay selections win, the bettor will receive an additional payout, depending on the parlay size.

Customer support of BetMGM Sportsbook Virginia

The customer help desk in BetMGM sportsbook has one of the best feedback and betting experience from players in Virginia. One benefit is bettors can receive support 24/7 for any issues regarding their sportsbook accounts.

Also, players can capitalize on its comprehensive FAQ section and search feature to find answers related to their betting problems before chatting with a live customer representative. In addition, you can contact BetMGM’s customer support by email or live chat. To access the LiveChat and email options, visit and follow the on-screen prompts for help.

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Do you have to live in Virginia to bet on BetMGM?

No. You don’t have to live in Virginia to bet on the BetMGM sportsbook. BetMGM is a fully licensed and regulated sportsbook available to residents and visitors of Virginia. Also, since BetMGM is available on iOS and Android, you can access the app and still wager on your favorite sports online.

Does BetMGM Virginia charge withdrawal fees?

No, BetMGM Virginia doesn’t charge any withdrawal fees. Besides, BetMGM Virginia has various withdrawal options available, including such as PayPal and online banking. However, before cashing out your wins, you should first read the terms and conditions of the withdrawal options to confirm possible third-party processing fees.

Where can I find the latest BetMGM Virginia bonuses?

In this review, you can get the latest BetMGM Virginia bonuses as a new or experienced player. So, bookmark or keep checking this review to receive further updates about upcoming bonuses. Also, bonuses available each day are subject to change. So always confirm for recent changes that occur.