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Virginia gambling self-exclusion list

On this page from VABetting.com, you will learn everything you need to know about the Virginia gambling self exclusion list, including if VA has one for gamblers, how it works, and much more.

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Managed and monitored by the Virginia Lottery, which is backed by the state of VA, the Virginia Gambling Self Exclusion list is a resource put forth by the state to help its residents gamble responsibility. When residents self-enroll on the Virginia gambling self exclusion list, they are putting themselves on a list to be banned from all forms of legal gambling in the state.

This includes access to online sports betting sites, casino gaming, and eventually Virginia online casinos (when available). During the period they select, members of the list are barred from accessing any gaming activities, as the operators, by state, law, are required to do.

Let’s dive more into the weeds on all things to know about the Virginia self exclusion list. 

Does Virginia have a self exclusion list for gamblers?

Yes, Virginia has a self exclusion list for gamblers, just as almost all states that permit gambling do. One of the key differences about the VA list is that the minimum amount of time residents are required to enroll is two years. During those two years, both retail and online gambling operators must restrict access to their premises or websites from people on the list. For those with the most serious problems when it comes to gambling, you can also choose to put yourself on the list for life.

One of the most popular responsible gambling tools in the country, self exclusion lists are designed to be voluntary programs that keep gamblers away from harming themselves. With more than $60 million in tax revenue per year generated from sports betting alone in Virginia in 2023, the state will continue to bolster its initiatives to keep problem gambling in check.

At the top of that list, the Virginia self exclusion list continues to be one of their most valuable resources.

How the Virginia self exclusion list works

The Virginia self exclusion list works as a program for residents of VA who are looking for assistance to stop online gambling in Virginia, and it essentially works as follows.

  1. Voluntary: First and foremost, the person being placed on the list has to do so voluntarily, and a friend or family member can’t do it for them or without them physically being the ones to do it themselves.
  2. Register for the List: There is a small application process involved, which can be done on the Virginia Lottery’s website or at one of their field offices. You will need identification, such as a passport or VA driver's license, as well as some other basic information.
  3. Choose Exclusion Period: Unlike some neighboring states that start with a year minimum, the VA self exclusion list minimum starts at two years. You can also choose to be banned for five, or a lifetime ban. It’s important to note that once the period is chosen, it can not, for any reason, be revoked.
  4. During Ban: Once you are officially on the Virginia self exclusion list, you are strictly prohibited from visiting online sports betting sites and brick-and-mortar casinos in Virginia. If you slip through the cracks, at say Hard Rock Casino Bristol, you won’t be allowed to collect your winnings or recover losses should you have any.

Why do gamblers put themselves on the Virginia self exclusion list?

There are a variety of reasons gamblers put themselves on the Virginia self exclusion list, all of which come from not being able to control their gambling. The first step with any addiction is to admit to yourself and those around you that you have a problem. The next step is seeking help, and the Virginia self exclusion list is just one of many tools for getting that help.

People who put themselves on the Virginia self exclusion list also take a step in preventing further financial issues, as online sportsbooks and casinos are immediately cut off as potential outlets for their gambling addiction. In addition to the financial and potential career-altering consequences, gambling irresponsibly also takes a toll on the personal relationships of those afflicted.

Putting themselves on the Virginia self exclusion lists prevents them from spending time even being tempted on betting sites or at casinos, and more time to repair the relationships in their life that may have been harmed by their gambling behavior. Lastly, voluntarily choosing to sign up for a self exclusion is a sign of progress for those afflicted with gambling addiction, as you are attempting to break the cycle that got you there in the first place.

Can you remove yourself from the Virginia self exclusion list?

No, it is nearly impossible to remove yourself from the Virginia self exclusion list once you’ve been put on it. The entire idea of the self exclusion list is to restrict your compulsive behavior, the Virginia Lottery makes it very difficult to be removed from the list before the time limit you selected for enrollment.

If you have selected a two-year or five-year ban, at the end of the period, you will automatically be removed from the list. If you have chosen a lifetime ban, that’s where the removal process becomes extremely difficult. After a certain number of years, as provided by the state, you can begin a petitioning process for removal, but it is not guaranteed to be successful. 

Each Virginia jurisdiction is different, and the rules and regulations provided by the Virginia Lottery have changed over time as well. To best stay up to date with the Virginia self exclusion list and the current rules, check with the Virginia Lottery for the most up-to-date guidelines before making any decisions.


Are there any resources or support services available for individuals on the self-exclusion list?

Yes, there are a plethora of resources and support services available on the self-exclusion list, as well for those who are not on it. The state of Virginia offers responsible gambling resources such as counseling services, 24/7 hotlines, educational materials, and more. Support groups such as Gamblers Anonymous also have meetings throughout Virginia, and those who believe they are struggling with gambling are encouraged to attend. Lastly, with gambling being focused around money, financial counseling is also available to VA residents on the Virginia self exclusion list who need assistance getting their arms around their financial situation.

Can I exclude myself from online gambling sites through the self-exclusion program?

Yes, you can exclude yourself from legal online gambling sites through the self-exclusion program. This includes any of the 16 online sportsbooks currently legal in Virginia.

What steps should I take if I suspect someone on the self-exclusion list is gambling?

If you suspect a friend or loved one who is on the VA self-exclusion list is still gambling, there are a few different steps you can take. For one, approaching them with concerns instead of accusations is always a great first step, as well as encouraging them that it is okay to seek help. If that does not work, you can contact the appropriate authorities such as the casino manager or agent from the Virginia Lottery.

How can I verify my self-exclusion status in Virginia?

To verify your self-exclusion status in Virginia, you’ll have to contact the regulating body at the Virginia Lottery. Reaching out via phone or email, an agent from the VA Lottery will be able to verify your status on the list.

Are there any exceptions to the self-exclusion list in emergency situations?

No, there are no exceptions to the self-exclusion list in emergencies, as the list is designed to keep gamblers from hiring themselves, no matter what. During the fixed timeline you have chosen, you will not be permitted to gamble online or at a casino for the entire period, as the agreement is binding.

What should I do if I change my contact information while on the self-exclusion list?

If your contact information changes while on the self-exclusion list, you should immediately contact the Virginia Lottery to inform them. Likely, they will require more information to validate the request in your change of information, but it’s important to do so.