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NFL betting in Virginia

The NFL is the most popular sport among U.S. audiences, with millions of viewers tuning in throughout the year. According to Nielsen, an estimated 123.7 million people tuned in to watch the Super Bowl in 2024, accounting for more than a third of the country’s population. This popularity extends to NFL betting as well. More than four in five sports bettors (81%) have placed a wager on NFL action, according to CRG Global. This far surpasses the numbers for other sports leagues in the U.S., with the NBA the next closest at 54%.

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In this piece, we’ll explain how you can take up NFL betting in Virginia, including how the signup process works, how to read the odds, and expert advice before you make your wagers.

How to bet on the NFL online in Virginia

It won’t take you very long to sign up with an online sportsbook site; most operators have set up the process to be completed in 10 minutes or less. Here’s what you’ll need to do to bet on the NFL online in Virginia.

  1. Learn about Virginia sportsbooks: Each Virginia online sportsbook will have different bells and whistles to try to set it apart from competitors. To help you navigate these differences, we’ve written intensive sportsbook reviews covering mobile app performance and aesthetic, payment methods, welcome bonus and loyalty program information, and an overall rating based on five important metrics.
  2. Sign up at a few sites: After you’ve found a few sportsbooks that interest you, get registered at those sites by clicking the links in the sportsbook reviews to open the signup forms. This will allow you to effectively shop the odds and find the best deals on wagers you intend to make, winning you more money over the course of your betting career. When registering, Virginia law will require you to provide your legal name, home address, date of birth, and the last four digits of your social security number. You’ll also need a phone number and email address to set up your login information.
  3. (Optional) Download the mobile app: Mobile betting has surpassed sports betting sites and retail sportsbooks as the go-to option for gamblers. Betting apps are convenient and easy to use, and you can install them free of charge on your mobile devices.
  4. Research teams and players to bet on: You will set yourself up for betting success by developing betting strategies and researching player, team, and gambling action trends. Learning how to follow line movements, understand game flow, and recognize matchup favorability levels is far better than blindly making a bet because of your allegiance to a team or player.
  5. Place your bets: Finally, to actually make your bets, click on the odds listing on the website or mobile app and add them to your betting slip. Decide on an amount to wager (you will likely need to make a deposit to your account before you’re able to use bonus credits), tap “submit,” then find a fun place to watch the game and watch your wagers play out.

Best Virginia betting sites for NFL betting

The idea of the “best” site for NFL betting is somewhat of a flawed concept. In the same way that we can’t agree on the best football player of all time, the “best” betting site will be determined differently depending on who you talk to, also. We’ve found these operators to be worthy of recognition and use based on their consistent performances, competitive lines, and user-friendliness in all aspects.

ESPN Bet Virginia Logo


Since replacing Barstool Sportsbook as the branding of PENN Entertainment’s betting platform, ESPN Bet has shown it will be a competitive force in Virginia’s sports betting landscape. While ESPN does not actually run the sportsbook, the platform offers exclusive content from the on-air talent of the “Worldwide Leader in Sports” on its cutting-edge mobile app and browser platform.

FanDuel Virginia


Virginia bettors were likely familiar with FanDuel even before the state legalized sports betting thanks to the company’s daily fantasy sports (DFS) contests. This is because Virginia was the first state to legalize DFS operations. FanDuel Virginia is a superior option when crafting same game parlays (SGPs) because of their broad selection of available SGP lines.

DraftKings Virginia


Like FanDuel, DraftKings’ DFS background is strong in Virginia. The platform is very intuitive, making it a popular option for new bettors. DK will also quickly become a favorite of NFL live betting enthusiasts (we’ll discuss live betting more below).

Caesars Virginia


Last but not least on our list, Caesars Sportsbook VA has frequently offered incredibly generous sign-up bonuses, often meeting or exceeding $1,000 in bonus bets in various forms. The customer service team is also an industry leader.

Types of wagers you can place on the NFL

NFL betting sites in Virginia will have many different types of wagers you can place before, during, and after the games are played. Here are a few of the most popular markets.

  • Moneyline and spread: While moneyline bets are a bit more common in MLB and NHL markets, they still hold value in the NFL. Moneyline bets are wagers on who will win the game straight up; it doesn’t matter how much the team wins by or whether the game goes to overtime. However, the spread is an indicator of where the sportsbooks and bettors feel the scoring differential will end up. Spread bets on the betting favorite will require them to both win outright AND beat their opponent by more than the spread line; conversely, a spread wager on the underdog can still score as a win even if the team loses outright as long as they’ve managed to keep the game close.
  • Props: Props bets are at their peak during the Super Bowl, but you’ll also find many of them available on a weekly basis. Team and player props are wagers on statistical milestones and in-game events, such as what the result of the first drive will be, which player will score a team’s first touchdown, or whether the defense will force multiple turnovers.
  • Futures bets: Futures bets are often season-long wagers tied to division championships, Super Bowl appearances, and player awards. They are named as such because the final result won’t be determined after a single game/week. Generally speaking, you’ll likely get more favorable odds on your futures bet earlier in the season, even before the season starts, though the chances of having a winning bet will be higher later in the season once the playoff picture gets clearer.

NFL live betting

NFL live betting (sometimes called “in-play wagering”) refers to placing wagers on game events and the final result after the game has started. Sportsbooks will update the odds after every play based on what is happening on the field, adding to the excitement of betting on the game.

Mastering live betting requires you to be able to anticipate momentum shifts, pouncing on a favorable line before the odds swing and your wager isn’t as favorable.

For this reason, we recommend you only live bet on games you’re actively watching. NFL stats are more accessible than ever, but they don’t always paint a clear picture of what’s happening.

Instead, watch the game, trust your instincts, and pay attention to line movement so you can get your bet in while it’s still favorable to do so.

How to read NFL odds

Reading NFL odds is the most important step in football betting. You will need to understand two elements when calculating odds: which outcome is the favorite/underdog and how much money you can win by backing that outcome.

The first step when reading NFL odds is to locate where the “+” and “-” symbols are on the odds posting. The “+” symbol indicates a betting underdog and the “-” symbol denotes the betting favorite.

A “favorite” isn’t necessarily your favorite team or player; instead, the term refers to the outcome that the sportsbooks and bettors believe is most likely to occur. On the opposite side, the “underdog” is the outcome (or outcomes, in props and futures betting) that is less likely to occur.

The next step to reading NFL odds is to look at the number listed after each of the signs. To make things easier to understand, it helps to base around a $100 amount.

The number listed after the “-” sign shows the stake needed to bet to win $100, while the number after the “+” sign shows how much money you’d win with a $100 bet.

Payouts are scaled proportionally to your stake, so you won’t need to actually bet $100 or more when making these bets unless doing so is within your financial means. Whatever amount you decide to use as a stake, please ensure that it is a responsible amount.

In cases where all outcomes have a “+” sign (which tends to happen with futures bets), the betting favorite is the one that has the smallest number after the “+”. In a similar manner, close head-to-head matchups may list both outcomes with “-” symbols; when that is the case, the betting favorite has the higher number after the “-”.

Expert advice when betting on the NFL in Virginia

Before you begin betting on the NFL in Virginia, we hope you keep this expert advice in mind.

  • Learn to manage risk: Unfortunately, the more you wager, the more losing will become a certainty. Bad beats happen where a win can turn into a loss on the final play. Injuries knock stars out of the game and suddenly teams and players aren’t nearly as effective. Every bet carries risk, so it is important to do what you can to minimize the risk on your own part. Research, be smart about your bankroll, and know when to walk away and adjust your strategies. It’s always better to take a break than continue to chase losses (trying to win back all of your losses on one bet).
  • Keep track of your bets: Aside from being helpful when it’s time to file your taxes (NFL betting winnings are a form of taxable income in VA), learning from past bets will help you make more winning wagers in the future. Tracking not only the bets you made but also why you made them will help you learn from successes and shortcomings alike. Write things down, assess, and make adjustments where necessary.
  • Pay attention to scoring numbers: Because of the way points are scored in the NFL, it’s important to notice when score predictions indicate a difference of 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, and 14 points. These are especially important for spread bets. For example, a line moving from -5.5 to -4.5 doesn’t carry as much weight as a line moving from -3.5 to -2.5 since a team winning by a touchdown covers both outcomes in the former but a team winning by three points changes the line in the latter. Since these lines move throughout the week, this prevents a good chance to “middle” your bet, backing both sides as the lines move to almost guarantee yourself a winning outcome while potentially turning two winning wagers if you are able to get the score to fall in the exact middle of your bets.