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Sign-up bonus in Virginia

If you're looking for accurate and reliable information on a sign-up bonus in Virginia, then you've come to the right place. We'll take a close look at Virginia sports betting bonuses and the sportsbooks that provide them. In addition, we'll assess what the different bonuses are and the benefits of claiming them for bettors.

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How to get a sign-up bonus in Virginia

Getting a sign-up bonus in Virginia is not difficult. There are many sportsbooks operating in the state that are looking to grow and attract new customers. That’s why they have welcome bonuses for bettors looking to start betting. Below, we’ve listed the most common ways of getting a sign up bonus in VA at the moment.

  1. Find a betting site in Virginia that offers a sign-up bonus: By searching online, you’ll find hundreds of sportsbooks offering welcome bonuses. However, you need to search for online betting sites that are licensed to operate in VA before you get excited about claiming any welcome bonuses with them. To get details about the sign-up bonuses, go to their website homepage and look for further details and terms and conditions that’ll allow you to get the bonus.
  2. Use a promo code: If you come across an betting promo code to claim your sign-up bonus, then you should use it. This code can be used during the sign up process with a sportsbook. With it, you’ll get access to the welcome offer.

Different types of sign up bonuses in VA

The different types of sign up bonuses in Virginia are listed below;

  • Risk-free bet sign-up bonus - A risk-free bet is probably one of the most attractive sign up bonuses out there. It allows you to place a bet on a sportsbook, and if you win, you keep your winnings, if you lose, however, you don’t lose your money. It’s basically a win-win situation for the person using the bonus. Furthermore, it's perfect for trying out a new sportsbook without risking your money. However, remember to check the terms and conditions of the bonus because you might be required to make a few deposits before you can use it.
  • Matched deposit sign-up bonus - To encourage new sign ups to make a real money deposit, some sportsbooks will offer a deposit match bonus. This offer basically requires you to add some funds to your account, then the sportsbook will credit your account with the same amount. The amount that's matched isn’t infinite, though. There’s usually a limit to how much they are willing to match you up to.
  • Refunded bet sign-up bonus - A refunded bet bonus is also known as a cashback bonus. How it works is that you'll be given back your money on lost bets. The sportsbook will probably give you a refund after a certain period, such as a month or a weekend of betting. However, the refund is usually up to a certain amount, or as a percentage up to a certain amount.
  • Matching bet sign-up bonus - The matching bet bonus works similar to a matched deposit bonus, only that it’s focused on a single bet amount. So, if you place a bet worth $10 on a soccer game, the sportsbook will match with an additional $10, meaning the bet will now be worth $20 in total. It’s a great way to manage your bankroll because you’ll have more money to work with.
  • Boosted odds sign-up bonus - Another way to help you get started with your online betting is with a boosted odds bonus offer. It’ll give you better odds on a match than other customers on the sportsbook. Your winnings from this bonus will be higher, which is always a welcome outcome. Sometimes, however, the boosted odds bonus will be restricted to a specific game, which might be restrictive for some punters who don’t want to or don’t understand the sport well enough to place well-informed bets.

There are many other types of bonus offers for new sign ups. As mentioned before, some offers are better than others, and you need to choose them carefully. If, for example, you’re lucky enough to find a no deposit sign up bonus, then go for it, but you need to be aware of the rules around withdrawing the funds.

Betting sites that may offer sign up bonuses in Virginia

There are many websites that’ll offer you sign up bonuses, including offshore sportsbooks. However, you need to make sure that you’re dealing with a locally licensed Virginia sportsbook. This will help protect you from dodgy online sports betting sites, and help you bet within the confines of the state’s gambling laws. The sportsbooks listed below are some of the best in Virginia.

  • BetRivers Virginia - If you want a big sign up bonus, then choose BetRivers. They have an evergreen welcome bonus for new sign ups that’ll give you a big leg-up when you place your first bet. The customer service team is very responsive if you are unclear about how to claim it or what to do if it’s not working. After you’ve placed your first bet, you can also go to their promotions page to find more bonuses.
  • FanDuel Virginia - For new sign ups to this sportsbook, you get credit into your account after placing your first bet. It’s a great offer because you’re basically rewarded for using the sportsbook. You can go back again if you want to take advantage of the many promos they have running all the time.
  • DraftKings Virginia - As one of the biggest sportsbooks in America, you can expect some exciting bonuses from it. Bonuses aside, the sportsbook has a fast mobile betting app in Virginia, many payment options and Daily Fantasy Sports betting opts as well.
  • PointsBet Virginia - Enjoy 24/7 customer support with the PointsBet online betting site. The sportsbook boasts hundreds of odds at any time during the day because they comer markets all over the world. It’s a good opportunity for you to test them out and see first-hand why they are so popular in Virginia and beyond. Don’t forget to also sign up with them and make use of their app-exclusive features that’ll make your betting experience even better.

Wagering requirements for sign-up bonuses in VA

As mentioned earlier in this guide, free bets are one of the most popular forms of sign-up bonuses in Virginia and all over the United States. There’s an opportunity for you to try out the online betting site with basically “free money” from the sportsbook. However, this amazing offer usually comes with strict terms and conditions. One of those conditions can be around wagering requirements.

What is a wagering requirement?

Also known as a rollover requirement, a wagering requirement is a condition where you need to place real money wagers before you can access a free bet or before you can withdraw winnings from a free bet. It protects the sportsbook from dishonest punters who might only sign up for a free bet, and then take their winnings and never come back to the sportsbook again. Details of the wagering requirements will be available for you in the terms and conditions of the free bet sign up bonus.


Can I withdraw my sign up bonus in VA?

No, most betting sites in Virginia don’t allow you to withdraw your sign up bonus. You need to use the bonus instead when you place your first bets. In fact, you might even be able to withdraw winnings from the signup bonus unless you make a deposit or place a real money bet.

What sign-up bonus in Virginia is the best?

The best sign up bonus in Virginia is depending on the bettor. It’s hard to answer this question accurately because some bonuses are better than others based on the terms and conditions around them. Each sportsbook has a way of dealing with sign up bonuses and you’ll need to do your research to find the best one for you.

Can I choose what sign up bonus I want in VA?

No, you can’t choose what sign-up bonus you want in VA. It’s unlikely that a sportsbook will give you options on what type of sign up bonus to choose. You might be able to choose between two welcome offers, for example, but it’s not very common.