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Free bets in Virginia

One thing that punters love is bonuses in the form of free bets. This is an opportunity to give a sportsbook a try without risking your own money. That's why we've put together this article — to help you get started on finding sportsbooks with free bets in Virginia. Not only that, but we want to help you figure out a good free bet offer versus a suspicious one.  We'll guide you on how to find them, then take a look at the best sportsbooks in the state with free bet offers.

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Free bets explained

When you’re lucky enough to come across a free bet offer, it means that you have the opportunity to place a bet without using your own funds. Virginia sportsbooks will offer you this for a number of reasons, but the number one reason is that they want you to like them and keep placing wagers through their platform.

You’ll get a positive affinity to the sportsbook if you have a good experience with placing the free bet, even if you lose the wager. Other reasons why a sportsbook will give you this offer are:

  • As a sign-up offer: To attract you to and welcome you to a new sportsbook, they may give you a free bet. This bonus is only for new registrations to the site or betting app.
  • As a loyalty reward: If you’ve been with the sportsbook for a while, you might be given a free bet to thank you for your loyalty and for frequently betting with them. This may form part of their loyalty program where you’ll earn points that can be redeemed for bonuses such as a free bet.
  • As an apology: Sometimes, things might go wrong with the sportsbook, and as a way for them to apologize, they may offer you a free bet. It doesn’t happen often, but punters are always to receive this kind of apology gift.

How to get a free bet in Virginia

Now that you know what a free bet is, and how they work, it’s time to find out how to claim a free bet in the state of Virginia. There’ll be thousands of websites offering free bets, but it’s up to you to find out which ones are legit and which ones are valid. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you with your search.

1. Find a promo code for a betting site that offers free bets

The first way to claim a free bet is by using betting promo codes in Virginia. Promotional codes are often found at this website, and we work hard to always find the latest offers for you to claim. You can find all the latest free bet promo codes at the top of this page.

1. Check the home page of the VA betting site

To get more accurate free bet bonus promo codes, head to individual betting sites. The homepage and the promo pages are likely to prominently showcase any bonuses they may have. If they have free bets, then make sure to check more details about them.

While they may look like a great deal, the bonus might come with very strict terms and conditions. Some may require you to register and then make a deposit, or the free bet might only be for a certain game happening soon.

Betting sites in Virginia that offer free bets

Free bet offers are not guaranteed in Virginia or anywhere else. However, Virginia betting apps might decide to run a promotion where they offer punters free bets in exchange for something.

This may be a new registration's welcome offer, or it may be to promote a new betting market. Whatever the reason, the sportsbook can decide when or if to give bettors free betting offers. Below, we take a look at the top online sportsbooks in VA that may have a free bet offer and more for you.

  • DraftKings Virginia - DraftKings Virginia is a leading sportsbook that has numerous sponsorship deals with top professional sports teams around the country. They’ve been around for many years and have developed a sportsbook that makes betting as easy and as enjoyable as possible for punters. When it comes to free bets and other offers, DraftKings doesn’t lack.
  • BetRivers Virginia - Get in on the action with BetRivers Virginia and their exciting promotions. This sportsbook understands that a passionate punter doesn’t need promotional incentives to place bets, but it doesn't hurt to have a few promos to encourage more excitement.
  • PointsBet Virginia - Get access to some of the best betting bonuses in Virginia at PointsBet. There’s always something happening on the sites and so, you should consider registering with them When you’re in Virginia, you can enjoy never-ending promotional offers that are tied to big sporting events such as the Golf Masters and the NBA.
  • FanDuel Virginia - Free bet bonuses play a big role in the world of promotions for FanDuel. On the free bets page, you get detailed information on how to get free bets and how to claim them. To get a free bet from FanDuel, you may need to complete an activity that’s part of a specific promotion. This offer is not always available, so you need to check their promotions page to see if there’s any promotion that’s active that you can opt-in to and get a free bet.

Pros and cons of free bets in VA

Free bets may seem like a great offer because, in most cases, you literally have nothing to lose. You basically get free money to place a bet, and you get to keep the winnings if you’re lucky.

However, most sportsbooks in Virginia will have strict terms and conditions around the offers. The main goal is to prevent bonus abuses, which means discouraging dishonest people from going after free bets, but not making deposits and real money bets.

Below, we’ll take a close look at the good side of free bet offers, then compare these to the downsides. It’s very important that you’re aware of both sides. This will help you assess what a good free bet offer looks like versus bad ones that might be too restrictive.

Pros of free bets

  • Check out new betting sites or games without risking your own cash: Free bets are a popular registration offer for most sportsbooks in Virginia. When you come across one, you have the chance to go through the process of placing a bet with the sportsbook without the risk of losing your own money if it turns out to be an unpleasant experience. At the same time, if it’s a pleasant experience, you can happily continue betting with them, knowing that they are a trustworthy site.
  • You can take a higher risk bet: Depending on the terms and conditions of the free bet, you can be riskier with your betting. There might be a new betting strategy that you want to try out, or even a new sport that you want to bet on. When you have a free bet in your account, this gives you the chance to try out new things. Once you have a bit of experience after your risky betting strategies, you’ll be able to more confidently try with your own money.

Cons of free bets

  • Wagering requirements: Some free bet offers require you to make a real money wager, and make a bet alongside the free bet. This takes away the risk free or element of the offer. The sportsbook may also have a rollover requirement, as well, which means you need to make a certain number of real money bets. All of this needs to happen before you can withdraw any winnings from the free bet wins. Some punters will, instead, use the winnings to place additional bets, instead of trying to withdraw it as a workaround and as a way of managing their bankroll.
  • You may need to deposit to receive the free bet: Another con of free bets in VA is that you may be required to make real money deposits before you receive the free bet offer. This can also be the case before you can withdraw winnings from a free bet. The deposit amount is determined by the sportsbook. Be prepared for this when you decide to make use of their free bet offer. This is usually the case when the free bet is given as a welcome bonus in order to encourage new customers to make their first deposits.


Do I need to deposit to receive a free bet in VA?

Sometimes, you may need to make a real money deposit before you receive your free bet in VA. This is not always the case because the sportsbooks are giving it to a loyal customer as a gift, for example. But if you're a new sign up, they may give you the offer as a way of encouraging you to make a deposit as well.

Does every online sportsbook in Virginia offer free bets?

No, not all sportsbooks in Virginia offer free bets. It’s up to each betting site to decide what type of offer and promotions they have for their customers. To see if they have free bets, go to their promotions page. Chances are that they'll have all this information, plus terms of use there.

Do I need to take a free bet in VA?

No, you don’t need to take a free bet on a sportsbook in VA. Most of them require you to opt-in by entering a promo code, for example. If you don’t opt-in, you won’t have access to the free bet offer.